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Torque Release Technique

Where you and your family get the proper care to revitalize your life.

Our Mission

Here at Revitalize Chiropractic we strive to serve individuals and families of St. Paul, MN and the surrounding communities with specific, scientific and principled chiropractic care.  We use a gentle, neurologically-based approach that is at the forefront of the chiropractic profession to improve the function of the nervous system and subsequently, the function of the body as a whole. Our focus is on education and empowerment so families can make the best possible decision when it comes to their health goals and healthcare needs.

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Pregnancy Care

Pediatric Care

Family Care


Danielle E.

Before coming to Revitalize Chiropractic I felt much more stressed out than I do now. Ever since I started care here, I've been feeling more clarity, more awake, more relaxed; both physically and mentally and even at home tasks don't stress me out as much as it normally would. Even just cleaning and reorganizing, I've gotten rid of a lot of random things that I've been battling with more in the past. Now I feel like it's just much easier to go through day-to-day life. Compared to other types of care I’ve tried it’s been 10 times better than anything else.

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