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Our Approach

Gentle. Specific. Principled Chiropractic Care.

Here at Revitalize Chiropractic we focus on getting to the root-cause of your health concern through gentle, specific, and principled chiropractic care. In our office we look at the function of the nervous system and subsequently the function of the body as a whole to see where there is stress or interference in the brain and body communication and adjust to remove that interference and allow the body to function at its highest potential. 

We utilize many neurologically based chiropractic techniques in our office, but our focus is mainly with the Zone Technique and Torque Release Technique, which are both currently at the forefront of the chiropractic profession. 

Scroll below to learn more about our approach:

Zone Technique

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Developed in 1931 by Dr. Thurman Fleet, the Zone Technique focuses on the six zones of the body. When these zones are affected by emotional, physical, or chemical stress, which we like to call the three T's, "Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins", it can cause a variety of diseases and discomfort. These zones include the Glandular, Eliminative, Nervous System, Digestive, Muscular, and Circulatory. 

Since the body works like an electrical machine, these six zones which are regulated in the brain represent the "positive pole" of the body and the specific points of the spinal cord represent the "negative pole" of the body. When there is stress or disturbance among any of the areas of the body, it can cause the zone to be basically "shorted-out", leading to decreased function and ability of that zone.

The Zone Doctor initially examines the patient to determine which zone needs balancing by feeling points on the back of the head. These points directly correlate with each of the zones in the brain and each zone in the brain directly correlates with specific segments along the spine by nerve connections.  Once the zone is determined the doctor will stimulate and adjust the specific spinal segments to bring balance to the zone, allowing the brain center to better send and receive the proper signals to and from the rest of the body, and allowing healing to take place. 

Zone One: Glandular

Zone One is the Glandular system and controls all the glands in the body. 


  • Increased memory, energy, sleep, and relaxation

  • Regulate immune system and hormonal system

  • Thyroid, pineal, and pituitary gland care

  • Appetite Regulation

  • Relaxation, outlook on life, temper, concentration


Zone Two: Eliminative

Zone Two is the Eliminative system and focuses on the removal of waste from the body. 

  • Strengthen lung, kidney, and bladder system

  • Regulate colon and bladder movements

  • Clear sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tubes

  • Eliminate bloating and bodily toxins


Zone Three: Nervous System

Zone Three is the Nervous System which controls and coordinates

everything in the body. 


  • Improves mood

  • Improves sleep

  • Eye and ear health

  • Balance the hormonal system

  • Increased energy, remain calm and relaxed


Zone Four: Digestive

Zone Four is Digestive system and can be linked closely to diet and the absorption of nutrients.


  • Normalize weight

  • Salivary gland health/normalize sense of taste

  • Sustain healthy liver, intestines, and gallbladder

  • Digest foods that were previously agitating

  • Boost energy


Zone Five: Muscular

Zone Five is Muscular system and controls all the muscles in the body.


  • Restore proper range of motion and movement

  • Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength

  • Improve suppleness and flexibility

  • Restore center of gravity/eliminate dizziness


Zone Six: Circulatory

Zone Six is Circulatory and controls the blood flow throughout the body, 


  • Heart Health

  • Normalize blood pressure

  • Healthy blood vessels

  • Proper circulation


The Integrator

The Integrator_edited.jpg

The Integrator (not to get confused with the Activator, which looks similar but works much differently) is a really unique tool that we utilize in our office for a number of reasons. This device is the only chiropractic adjusting instrument that is FDA approved and was designed specifically to re-create a 3-dimensional dynamic that adjusting by hand embraces, but is extremely specific, gentle, reproducible, and effective, each and every adjustment. With our neurologically based approach, being as specific as possible is extremely important, and the Integrator allows for us deliver that pin-point accuracy that is needed to get the best results possible for you and your family.

  • Precise - very specific with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Gentle - low force; no twisting, cracking or popping.
  • Fast - fires at 1/10,000th of a second, much faster than any hands can move.
  • Reliable - very consistent and reliable, so that the right amount of force and energy are transmitted on each and every adjustment.
  • Specific - the force, frequency of energy, torque, speed, and thrust delivers the perfect amount of energy to normalize nerve function. 
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