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Understanding Chronic Pain and the Neurological Approach to Lasting Relief

Dealing with Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. Despite numerous attempts to find relief, many individuals find themselves stuck in a cycle of temporary fixes and persistent discomfort. In this blog post, we will dive into understanding chronic pain and the neurological approach to lasting relief.

Understanding Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain is not merely a physical sensation; it is a complex interplay of physiological, psychological, and neurological factors. Unlike acute pain, which serves as a crucial warning signal for potential harm, chronic pain persists long after the initial injury, morphing into a persistent and often enigmatic presence in an individual's life. Traditional approaches to pain management and relief typically concentrate on mitigating symptoms, offering temporary relief through medications or physical therapy. However, these methods often fall short of comprehensively addressing the intricate interplay of factors contributing to chronic pain.

Neurological chiropractic care emerges as a distinctive and holistic paradigm, seeking to unravel the underlying complexities of chronic pain by delving into the intricate network of the nervous system. Recognizing that pain is not solely a localized issue but rather a manifestation of broader disruptions within the body's communication pathways, neurological chiropractors aim to identify and rectify the root causes of the concern. By understanding the interconnectedness of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, chiropractors navigate the delicate balance between physiological function and neurological signaling.

Within the realm of neurological chiropractic care, emphasis is placed on restoring optimal function to the spine and nervous system through precise adjustments. These adjustments go beyond mere symptom management, addressing areas of subluxation or nerve interference that contribute to the perpetuation of chronic pain. By enhancing neural communication and optimizing the body's innate ability to self-heal, neurological chiropractic care seeks to empower individuals in their journey towards lasting pain relief.

Furthermore, this approach recognizes the undeniable link between the physical and mental aspects of chronic pain. Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, and emotional well-being play a pivotal role in perpetuating pain experiences. Neurological chiropractic care adopts a comprehensive perspective that integrates mental and emotional well-being into the overall care plan. Through these personalized care plans, patients are supported in not only alleviating physical discomfort and symptoms but also in cultivating mental resilience and emotional balance.

Brain-Body Connection:

Neurological chiropractors recognize the profound connection between the brain and the rest of the body. Since the nervous system controls and coordinates every single cell, tissue, and organ, by sending signals to and from the brain, it’s imperative to address the root-cause of the concern. Chronic pain can be linked to dysfunctional communication between the brain and the affected area, and neurological chiropractic care aims to restore proper nerve function, optimizing the brain's ability to adapt, regulate pain signals, promote healing, and allow the body to function optimally.

Subluxations and Nerve Interference:

Subluxations, or areas of nerve interference, disrupt the flow of nerve impulses. Since the signals to and from the brain and the rest of the body travel though the nervous system, which is made up of two parts (Central Nervous System (CNS) - Brain/Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) - outside Brain/Spinal Cord), this interference can contribute to chronic pain by hindering the body's natural ability to self-heal and function correctly. Neurological chiropractors focus on identifying and correcting these subluxations to restore the nervous system's balance by specifically adjusting areas of the spine and nervous system that are interfering in the brain and body communication.

Holistic Approach:

Unlike some traditional types of care that isolate symptoms, neurological chiropractic care focuses on a holistic approach. It considers the entire body as a connected system, addressing not only the sites of subluxation but also the factors contributing to its persistence, such as the “3 Ts of Stress" (Thoughts - Mental, Traumas - Physical, and Toxins - Chemical). This comprehensive approach is essential for achieving long-term relief, healing, and allowing for proper function within the brain and body.

Neuroplasticity and Healing:

The concept of neuroplasticity emphasizes the brain's ability to adapt and change. Neurological chiropractic care leverages this principle, encouraging the brain to reorganize itself and create new neural pathways. Studies show that after a chiropractic adjustment, brain chemistry changes by 20%. This change was mostly noted in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for regulating thoughts, actions, and emotions. With promoting positive changes in the brain, patients experience improved pain management, better adaptation to stress, better management of emotions, and improved overall well-being.

Common Obstacles to the Healing of Chronic Pain:

  1. Misdiagnosis:

Without a thorough understanding of the underlying neurological factors, chronic pain can be misdiagnosed, leading to ineffective care. Neurological chiropractors specialize in assessing the nervous system, adjusting areas of subluxation or nerve interference, to allow for proper function between the brain and the body. To truly heal from chronic pain, one must look at the body as a whole, rather than separately in parts, and focus on getting to the root cause of the concern rather than just managing the pain or symptoms.

  1. Overreliance on Medications:

While medications can provide temporary relief, they don't "fix" the issue or the concern, and often mask symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. Think about your pain or symptoms as a fire alarm, your body is alerting you that something is going on, and so it makes you aware of the issue. When you take medications for said issue, it’s like taking the batteries out of the fire alarm and saying, “the alarm isn’t beeping, there must not be a fire anymore”. The truth in that is the medications may have relieved the symptoms or pain that you are experiencing, but the issue is still there, you just covered it up, took the batteries out of the fire alarm, and masked the symptoms. With that being said, neurological chiropractic care seeks to uncover and get to the root cause of the pain or symptoms, clearing out that fire, and allowing the body to function and heal optimally; and in turn, eliminating the need for medication use or other exogenous substances.


Healing from chronic pain requires a multifaceted approach that considers the intricate relationship between the brain and the body. Neurological chiropractic care offers a holistic alternative for those seeking lasting relief by addressing the root cause of the concern and promoting holistic well-being. By unlocking the mysteries of chronic pain through a neurological lens, individuals can find a pathway to renewed vitality and a life free from the burden of chronic discomfort and a cycle of temporary “fixes”.

Are you or someone you know dealing with chronic pain? Have you been to different clinics or have tried different types of care with no results? Are you tired of constantly dealing with chronic pain and symptoms each and every day, limiting your natural ability to express yourself and your health fully and completely? Then I ask you to schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor and experience the revitalizing approach to overcoming chronic pain.

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