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Updated Mask Policy:

Due to Revitalize Chiropractic being a healing facility, masks will continue to be optional given such facial coverings can interfere with proper care as well as impact those who struggle with trauma & mental health, or for those helping their kids feel safe.

You will most likely see fewer people wearing masks in our office, including the RC team. That being said, whatever your choice is, we ask everyone to create a space of respect, autonomy, and healing.

Please know, as a health care clinic we cannot share information about vaccination status or reasons people may or may not be wearing a mask, as it is a direct violation of HIPAA.

We appreciate you all creating such a welcoming, respectful space with us.


The RC Team


*If you would like help feeling more comfortable in different situations, we have expanded our consult room into a family adjusting room. Please let anyone at the front desk know if you’d like to be adjusted in there, and we’re happy to accommodate. This is available whether you’re a family or an individual.

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